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The Book I Don't Like Cheese

I Don’t Like Cheese star mouse Mike isn’t like other mice. He just won’t eat cheese. Fortunately, Ashley, the little human girl who lives in the house, feeds him lots of tasty treats: like pizza and tacos. But, hold on, don’t those have cheese in them?

I don't like Cheese Pizza


This delightful picture book explores how even the fussiest eaters can be tempted to try new flavours. And, if you’re anything like Mike, you might find you develop quite a taste for international cuisine along the way!

i don't like cheese mexican


Written by Hannah Chandler when she was just 11 years old, I Don’t Like Cheese is hopefully the first of several adventures featuring Mike; now 12, Hannah is already planning the sequel.

  • A gorgeous story by a (very) young talent — author Hannah Chandler is 12!
  • Adorably whimsical illustrations are sure to engage readers.
  • The perfect picture book to tempt fussy eaters to try new foods.
  • A valuable lesson in being open to new ideas and challenges.
I Don't like cheese