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Who’s saying what about I Don’t Like Cheese


Hannah and Mike’s number one fan!




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This perfectly packaged simple tale is sweet and engaging, with a fun moral to tempt fussy eaters, and a little bit of learning about food in other cultures to top it off.


Perth West Australian, May 2015

“Hannah’s story will let you know where your favourite foods might come from, and Lauren’s watercolour pictures…will make your mouth water.”

Exisle Publishing Perth West Australian I Don't Like Cheese

Australian Dairy Foods Magazine, May 2015

“If you have fussy little eaters in your family this book might get them to eat cheese”

Australian Dairy Foods Magazine Exisle Publishing I Don't Like Cheese

School’s Out Perth West Australian, April 2015

“I keep I Don’t Like Cheese with my special things.” Reviewed by Jasper Aged 5

Exisle I Don't Like Cheese Perth West Australian

Bottomshelf – Great Books for Little People , April 2015

“This is an appealing story that immediately brought to mind the amazing celebrations for … Harmony day, where the children sample food from so many different countries…it would be a perfect story to include”

Exisle Publishing I Don't Like Cheese Bottomshelf Review

Little Angel (Disney Magazine), April 2015

“Superstar Writer – Hannah Chandler always knew she wanted to be an author. She was pleasantly surprised when at the age of 11 her first book was published! Now 12, Hannah tells us about her future writing goals.”

Exisle Publishing Little Angel Disney Magazine I Don't Like Cheese

Family in Focus – Review, March 2015

This delightful picture book explores how even the fussiest eaters can be tempted to try new flavours. And, if you’re anything like Mike, you might find you develop quite a taste for international cuisine along the way!”

Read the full review here

Exisle Publishing Family in Focus


Taupo Times – Review, March 2015

While children will be able to relate to eating tasty things over things they don’t like, at the same time they will be learning where certain foods come from … While I Don’t Like Cheese may not be a magic wand solution for all children, it is certainly worth a try and is a nice little read that non-fussy eaters are sure to enjoy as well.”

Exisle Upstart Magazine I Don't Like Cheese Hanna Chandler

Upstart Magazine – Review, March 215

What’s it like being a 12-year-old author?
It’s pretty amazing because I’ve always dreamed of becoming an author one day and the fact that I get to live my dream at the age of 12 is very surreal.”

Cover Upstart MagazineExisle Publishing Upstart


The Sunday Telegraph – January 2015

Sunday Telegraph: “How does it feel to be a published author at only 12?
Hannah Chandler: “I have always had the dream to be a published author, but to have that dream come true at the age of 12 is amazing!

I Don't Like Cheese The Sunday Telegraph

 The Sun Herald – January 2015

I Don't Like Cheese Sun Herald

The Starfish – January 2015

I Don't Like Cheese - The Starfish

 The Australian – January 2015

I Don't Like Cheese - The Australian


The West Australian – December 2014

Perth West Australian_1


The Age – December 2014



The Sydney Morning Herald – Good Weekend & Spectrum – December 2014

Sydney Morning Herald


The Carousel – December 2014

The Carousel_1


The Newcastle Star – December 2014



Essential Kids (Fairfax Digital) – December 2014

Essential Kids (Fairfax Online)_1



The Kids Book Review – December 2014

Kids Book Review_1


 SSKiwigraphic2Space Station Kiwi   – December 2014

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 nui fm  –  December 9, 2014

Nui FM in New Zealand speaks to Hannah about her book. Listen here.



96five-Logo-Web – December, 2014

96.5 FM interviews Hannah about her her book. Listen here.


1233 ABC Newcastle – December 1, 2014

Hannah Chandler and Anouska Jones spoke to Jill Emberson on 1233 ABC Newcastle Mornings

Click on image to read full transcript or listen to the audio.



 Ultra 106.5 – November 29, 2014

David Wood presenter of Saturday Mornings speaks to Hannah about her new book

To listen to interview click on image below:




Newcastle Herald  – October 2014

‘Many primary schoolers dream of becoming published authors, but Hannah Chandler has gone one better and signed a book-deal – at just 12 years old.

The Year 6 student at Cardiff South Public will see her book I Don’t Like Cheese on bookshelves in December, thanks to Exisle Publishing ………………’


reviews - Newcastle Herald Oct 2014

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An Amazing Book!

Nov 29, 2014 by Jordy

I love this book so much, especially because one of my good friends, Hannah wrote It. I am very happy for you Hannah and can't wait to read the sequel.
Good luck,
From Jordy, Lincoln, Michelle and Brett
(The Davies)

Best Book Ever!

Nov 20, 2014 by Jacob F

I really love this book! i have bought a copy and i read it each night and day. Good luck for the sequel! Its going to be great.
Best of luck,
Jacob , Caleb , Tanya , Mick
( The Fenners )

Hannah's best friends ????

Nov 15, 2014 by Mikayla & Beth

We loved reading Hannah's book! We thought it was amazing and can't wait for the sequel ????

Nov 13, 2014 by Hannah's Class 6G

We think this is the best book ever...especially because Hannah, who is in our class, wrote it! It is really clever how Hannah came up with the idea of a mouse not liking cheese. It explores themes such as 'trying new things', 'multicutural elements', 'friendships between humans and animals' and 'days of the week'. An excellent book for any child to explore! We have enjoyed many stories from Hannah and can't wait to read the sequel!
Your friends from Year 6 Cardiff South Primary

I Don't Like Cheese , USA 5.0 5.0 4 4 I love this book so much, especially because one of my good friends, Hannah wrote It. I am very happy for you Hannah and can't wait to read the sequel.Good luck,From Jordy, Lin
I Don't like cheese